Confirmation Service
10th September 2017
On this day, in Saint Mary’s, eight members of our Church will be confirmed in their faith by the Bishop of Whitby in a service of Confirmation and Communion.

Confirmation is when we declare our allegiance to Christ with our own lips and say we wish to be his followers. Sometimes it comes together with Holy Baptism, but for many of us we have already been baptised as infants with promises made on our behalf by parents and Godparents. Confirmation fulfils these promises, as we make them for ourselves. The Bishop, as the representative of the wider Church, then Confirms us in faith, as he lays hands on each candidate praying for the gift our God’s Holy Spirit to be with each of us.

Our Confirmation group has been a lovely mixture of young and old, and we have been accompanied on our journey by other friends who belong Saint Mary’s, so on Monday evenings during summer there have been around a dozen of us there.

Confirmation isn’t about passing a test in religious knowledge, but we have been following the Leading Your Church Into Growth START Course as a means of talking about our faith.

Confirmation isn’t about getting permission to receive Holy Communion, although many Churches historically have linked these two things together. I am always happy for any who feel it appropriate for them to receive Holy Communion when they come.

Confirmation is about declaring from your heart that you belong to Jesus and want to stand up and be counted as one of his disciples. This means being regular in worship, prayer and reading the Bible so we gain strength to be his representatives in a challenging world. Our world needs the Christian message of love so much today, so let us be thankful that on 10th September at 5.30pm at Saint Mary’s Church, we will have eight more people prepared to stand up and be counted as friends of Jesus. Why not come along and support them? If you feel through this, that this is something you want to do as well, then come and have a word with me.

Paul Peverell, Priest in Charge


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