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Youth Worker - Ste Corner's Farewell

Monday January 30th 2017 was an extraordinary day in the life of St Mary’s Church. It was the day we thanked Ste (in as informal a way as possible!) for his ministry with us over 9 years as our paid Youth Worker. He left his post at the end of December 2016.

He received thanks for all he had achieved, along with many cards and lots of generous donations from members of the congregation and he responded by paying tribute to all who had supported him in so many ways. He highlighted a few memorable occasions, especially those involving the teams of American students who visited us over the last few years. Ste particularly mentioned the team leaders, George and Cindy, who were very committed to Ste and his vision to tell children and young people in a relevant way about Jesus. He recalled having made lots of contacts in the local community talking to lots of different groups as well as individuals. Although he no longer lives in Nunthorpe, he promised to maintain his links and we look forward to continuing to enjoy his company, sharing in his amazing enthusiasm for the Christian faith.Ste will join us as a volunteer youth helper as we continue to minister to the children and young people of our community. 

Thank you to all who have supported Ste’s work in so many different ways over the years and thanks to all who attended and provided the food at the presentation. Ste really appreciated your company.

The last words of thanks to Ste should be those of Cindy who posted the following message to Ste:

‘You have made such a difference in the life of the kids from very young to those in the university now. I am grateful that George and I got to come along side of you for a short time each year. It was so rewarding to see the growth in the students that you have poured your heart and soul into for so very many years. You have been God's feet and he is not through with your feet as yet. Carry on, my friend. You have our prayers.’

Graham Hassall

Installation of Rev'd Paul Peverell as Interim Priest-in-Charge at St Mary's.

From left to right: [back row] David Young (Church Warden), Archdeacon Sam, Bishop Paul, Rev'd Paul, Mike Arnott (Church Warden) [front row] Rev'd Pat Harrison, Rev'd Judy Cook (both Retired) and Licensed Reader Janet Hinton.





At the service on Friday 6th January 2017, the Rev'd Paul Peverell, the vicar at Christ Church, Great Ayton was licensed and Installed as the Priest in Charge at St Mary's. This is for a period of one year, initially. This role is in addition to his post at Christ Church. A congregation of about one hundred, including people from Christ Church and Saint Oswald’s, as well as Deanery Clergy heard The Bishop give a positive message about ensuring all we do in Church should relate to those outside, for that is why we are there. Kevin Leavesley played the organ, and added a lovely selection of hymns during communion as there were more people than expected. Unfortunately the Rural Dean, John Ford, was not able to be at the service due to pastoral commitments. 

Tuesday 6th December 2016 - Windband Concert in Church

Following the success of the 90th Anniversary concert, the Teesside Wind Band were keen to make a return visit. This time they were joined by the Tees Valley Youth Wind Orchestra, which also has Jason Mitchell as their conductor and, as the name suggests, has a slightly younger membership. The Wind Band led off with the first half, then the youngsters took over for the second half, and the whole concert was brought to a very satisfactory close when, somehow, they managed to find enough seats, music and music stands for a grand combined rousing finale. Although organised primarily for the bands' own benefit, it was gratifying to see so many parishioners in the audience. 

Christingle Service 2016 

The Christingle Service, led by our Licenced Reader Janet Hinton assisted by Youth Worker Ste Corner, was held this year in the Church Hall, rather than the church. Besides providing a more relaxed atmosphere, it had the advantage of the availability of the video system.  This meant that a short presentation of the work of the Children's Society could be shown. This brought into sharp focus the difference in Christmas celebrations that we could participate in, compared to that of the children that the Children's Society seeks to support, giving us much to ponder on.

Part of the service involved putting together our own Christingle, from the supplied 'kit of parts', with a diagram of the desired outcome helpfully displayed on the screen - no excuse for getting it wrong! Being able to display the Christingle Carol on the screen also provided a health and safety benefit, as we weren't trying to juggle bits of paper and a lighted candle at the same time. 

Sunday 13th November - Remembrance Sunday 2016

A large congregation, including local dignitaries and members of the scouting community attended firstly at the WW1 memorial on Stokesley Road and then at the WW2 memorial (the Lych Gate of St Mary's) to lay wreaths in memory of the people of Nunthorpe who gave their lives during the two World Wars. This was followed by the Remembrance Day service in the church.

At the Lych GateThe laying of wreaths and the reading out of names of those who gave their lives during World War II at the Lych Gate, which servces as the Second World War Memorial.







The Remembrance Day altar flowers.



Friday 11th November - Remembrance Day 2016

About 100 people attended as locally knitted poppies were placed at the War Memorial, on Stokesley Road, near the junction with Church Lane.










2nd November 2016 - A New Way Forward

The Bishop of Whitby announced that the Reverend Paul Peverell was to become the Interim Incumbent at St Mary's Nunthorpe. This would be in addition to his existing post as the Vicar of Great Ayton with Easby and Newton under Roseberry. This was seen as a very positive way in which the Parish could move forward and grow.

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